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Runway to Freedom is a charitable organization founded in 2010 by Lauren Grinnell, stylist and owner of Lala’s Cuts, that promotes a yearly fashion show and live auction to help build awareness about domestic violence. She also goes to local shelters as well as youth groups to cut hair and speak with their communities on what DV is. Lauren Grinnell is a survivor of Domestic Violence and after she endured a long battle with DV she decided to create Runway to Freedom for other survivors of Domestic Violence. The next best thing to having her daughter has been creating RTF. Once she learned what DV was on not only a level of physical abuse but mental abuse she started to see just what this sick and twisted epidemic was not only doing to her but to other woman, men and children in this world. Being an artist she wanted to give back through her artistic skills of styling hair, and her love for music as well as fashion all in one. Seattle has been a wonderful place to achieve these goals as it thrives on the vibes of the artists and their creativity. Runway to Freedom has brought so many creative minds together to raise awareness for domestic violence in a raw as well as eccentric way of expression through the runway and the stage to sing and dance while we live and love. Survivors tell their stories at the event and Lauren Grinnell believes this is a huge part of the healing process of enduring abuse. Once you set your story free you let go of a piece of negativity and you inspire others to do the same.

Now in her eighth year, Lauren has been committed to empowering survivors of domestic violence by funding local organizations to provide individuals and families with education and resources needed to get out of dangerous situations, and to start living healthy lives. She is still committed to that, but is adding to it and focusing on more of her long term goals. She is also passionate about education on addiction and domestic violence and how often the two go hand in hand. Her long term goal for Runway To Freedom is to raise enough money to create a salon where we educate survivors on advanced hair skills, once they have graduated from Cosmetology School. Why create a salon one might ask? Many of us often share personal and private details with our trusted “hair person”, and we would like to give our stylists the knowledge, education and resources necessary to help a survivor who may disclose they’re in an abusive situation. Resources may include Legal Advocates, DV Advocates, shelter information, etc. It can be extremely empowering to know you’re NOT alone, so a salon filled of survivors and supporters of domestic violence working together all with the goal to end domestic violence just makes sense.

With RTF, Lauren Grinnell is helping domestic violence victims become survivors! Please also consider becoming a volunteer or sponsor for Runway to Freedom 8. When you sponsor the show you are helping to put on a event that saves others. Money raised also goes to put in for the monthly events we put on around the city and of course for the salon we want to open. We would love for you to join us for a night of fun and revelry to celebrate survivors of domestic violence. Let’s say no to violent behavior together!

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Lauren Grinnell
Owner of Lala’s Cuts
Founder of Runway to Freedom
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Below is the video link from the 7th Annual Runway to Freedom charity event

What: 2017 8th Annual “Runway to Freedom” Charity Fashion Show/Live Auction
When: October 19 2017
Where: Sodo Park 6pm (Tickets on sale in Sept 2017)
Where: To be announced soon!

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